Working with difficult, demanding, and disruptive students is not a new challenge for educators. However, there are current concerns being voiced regarding the changing nature and intensity of the behaviors of these students. Some educators are reporting increases in selfish, manipulative and hostile behaviors while others are noticing more students who are overly anxious and/or difficult to engage. Even well seasoned, award-winning master educators can sometimes have their "feathers ruffled" by certain students in certain situations.

This seminar is designed to assist all educators with identifying and addressing these and other issues that affect the academic and behavioral progress of the students with whom they work. This power-packed seminar will provide you with up-to-date insights and strategies for reaching and helping those young people who seem to evoke the strongest feelings of frustration, hurt, and sometimes discouragement in professional educators.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  • Identify the underlying causes of difficult behaviors in students
  • Implement doís and doníts to address specific behaviors
  • Integrate key strategies for migrating from an obedience-centered approach to a responsibility-centered approach
  • Develop innovative ways to support positive behavior
  • Apply strategies for preventing the escalation of difficult behavior