Girl bullying can occur in a very different manner than bullying by boys. With girls, the bullying tends to be more relationally aggressive and the resulting effects can be even more severe and long lasting. Relational aggression is social/emotional violence in which girls use relationships to deliberately harm others.

Bullying in the girl?s world can start at a young age. As these girls grow older and become more proficient in technology, they become more sophisticated in their ability to inflict this aggression on others ? sometimes devising complex social/emotional games that victimize others through exclusion, isolation, rumors, gossip, eye-rolling, pitting friends against one another, sarcasm, and revealing or altering personal secrets.

Without effective prevention and intervention, this aggression can lead to academic and social withdrawal, depression, substance abuse, risky behavior, future dysfunctional relationships and bullycide.
This seminar will give you insights, strategies, activities and materials to help you boost your ability to identify, prevent, and intervene in girl bullying situations.

In this seminar you will learn

  • Insights into bullying in the younger girl?s world (K-8), that include the dynamics in the relationship, the methods of, motivations behind, and negative effects from girl bullying.
  • Recommendations for training teachers, other staff, and parents to help in the prevention and intervention of girl bullying.
  • School-wide approaches, activities, lessons, and strategies to help prevent and respond to girl bullying effectively.
  • Individual strategies and interventions in working with the aggressor to encourage empathetic development and accepting responsibility.
  • Effective strategies for supporting the target and empowering the bystander to make a positive difference in reducing bullying in the girl?s world.
  • Multimodal strategies, activities, and approaches for working with girls in small groups to challenge unhealthy behaviors and teach relationship-building skills.
  • The top ten essential elements to effectively address bullying in the girl?s world.
  • And more!