Information on bullying and relational aggression has increased so quickly that it has become challenging for practicing professionals to keep current. And research shows that while girls and boys have many commonalities, when it comes to bullying they often think and behave quite differently. Recommendations vary as to how to work with bullies of each gender and their victims. This one-day workshop will update you on current research, best practices and practical gender-specific strategies for preventing and intervening in a variety of bullying situations.

When boys bully each other, it can be physical and loud. Boys tend to bully girls as much as boys, and bullying behavior can easily extend into sexual harassment. Boy bullying tends to be more focused on establishing hierarchy. Girls tend to be more covert and sometimes approach bullying as ?snipers in the night.? They use gossiping/rumoring, notes and texts, websites and social alliances and exclusions to subdue their victims. Girl bullying is frequently based upon body image and it sometimes involves girls turning against their friends. Girls tend to choose other girls as their victims, and their goal is often to hurt someone through damaging their sense of self-worth and their perception of how their peers value or devalue them.

This powerful one-day workshop will help you understand the key issues underlying these kinds of cruelty from a boy?s and girl?s perspective. It will also provide you with recommended approaches, strategies, activities and handouts that will help you to be current with your understanding of bullying and current best-strategies for prevention/intervention.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • Current Research Findings on Boy and Girl Bullying
  • 7 Key Issues Underlying All Bullying
  • ProvenApproaches to Different Types of Bullying
  • Creative Strategies to Use with Boys and Girls
  • 10 Steps to Make a Difference in Your Classroom, School or Agency
  • Developing a Comprehensive Protocol for Bullying and Harassment
  • And more!