In recent years, so many disorders have been identified in youth that professional educators are challenged to merely remember what each involves ? let alone how they should respond. While traditional school discipline policies and practices work with many students, they tend to fail with those students who experience more severe emotional or behavioral issues. However, with increased awareness, insight and strategic practices, educators can enhance their effectiveness in addressing these students behaviorally, emotionally and academically.

This seminar will give you a refresher to help you understand the most important issues that all professional educators should know about various disorders commonly found in today?s schools (K-12). It will also offer recommended specific strategies, research-based resources, and critical ?do?s and don?ts? to help you work more effectively with these students.

You will learn:

  • Recognize common disorders in young people
  • Explain why traditional policies and practices often fail with these students
  • Help these students avoid academic failure
  • Prevent emotional escalation and crises with these students
  • Help these students with detachment and isolation issues
  • Use strategies for creating a safe school climate with these students